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Is a 9-inch Adamo in Dell's future?

An "Adamo 9" has shown up in some support software on Dell's Web site.

Less than 24 hours after it was announced that the Dell Adamo is now available for preorder, there are already rumors of new members of the Adamo family.

Dell Adamo notebook
The brand new 13-inch Adamo is already rumored to have a 9-inch cousin waiting in the wings. Dell

Engadget found references to an Adamo 9 in some support documents on Dell's own Web site. There's also reference to a Studio One 22, a slightly larger version of the Studio One 19 released last week. That the new touch-screen all-in-one desktop might come in a larger size seems completely reasonable.

Dell hasn't responded to a request for an official comment on whether there is a forthcoming 9-inch Adamo, but it generally doesn't comment on unreleased products. However, Alex Gruzen, who heads up consumer product marketing for Dell, told me just last week that there are definitely more Adamo-branded devices on the way. He would not elaborate on what that might or might not include.

So it seems perfectly logical to assume there's another Adamo device waiting in the wings. But a 9-inch Adamo means it will basically be a high-end version of Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook. If a "luxury Netbook" concept sounds familiar it's because Sony just did it with its Vaio P Series.

Now, the Vaio P is ridiculously overpriced for a Netbook, but also extremely portable and fairly good looking. But Sony charging a premium for Windows-based products isn't anything new. Were Dell to take the same tactic on what is essentially a Netbook, that would be news, in which case we'll report back when we find out more.