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Iron Man deepfake replaces Downey Jr. with Tom Cruise

The video isn't bad, it's just not enjoyable to watch.




Once upon a time a report claimed Tom Cruise wanted to play Iron Man. What a very different Marvel Cinematic Universe that would have been. Now, thanks to Collider and the frightening deepfake video manipulation software, we can see what a Tom Cruise "I am Iron Man" line delivery would have been like.

See below.

It doesn't quite work, does it?

Cruise's head sits on Robert Downey Jr.'s shoulders like a bobblehead. His voice, an imitation by Evan Ferrante, comes off as less self-knowing and sarcastic, more hopeful and square-shooting.

There've been much smoother deepfakes in the past. A deepfake of Bill Hader telling a story on David Letterman has him morph into the likes of Cruise and Seth Rogen. Malicious deepfakes, targeting celebrity, politician and average person alike, can frighteningly make a person appear to be doing or saying things they never did.

While research into detecting deepfakes is underway -- using mice of all things -- its use to stir political chaos carves a grim horizon. See this sophisticated Barack Obama deepfake from a year ago.

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