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Iron Fist Season 2 teaser hints at comic outfit

Will Danny Rand adopt the whole superhero outfit in Season 2?

Will Danny Rand (Finn Jones) take on a more comic-inspired look in Iron Fist's second season?

The Netflix show's newest teaser, titled Memories, shows Rand thinking back to a time when he and another man appear to be training while wearing a yellow mask. And that mask is very similar to the character's Marvel comic book look, which is often paired up with a green outfit, as seen in the below photo.


Marvel's Luke Cage (left) teamed up with martial artist Iron Fist in the comics.


Iron Fist Season 2's debut date of Sept. 7 was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 earlier this month, with a trailer and footage screened for audiences during the show's panel.

Iron Fist's second season also stars Jessica Henwick (Colleen Wing), Sacha Dhawan (Davos), Tom Pelphrey (Ward Meachum), Jessica Stroup (Joy Meachum), Simone Missick (Misty Knight) and Alice Eve (Mary Walker).