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iRobot: New home bots for the holidays

Will this year's holiday must-have gift be a robot? The Roomba maker promises two new toys for consumers later this year.

BOSTON, MASS.--She wouldn't say what, but she did say when.

At an info session on iRobot at the JPMorgan Technology Conference here Monday, co-founder and chairman of iRobot, Helen Greiner, said the company plans to launch two new consumer robots.

"I'm not going to play 20 questions with you...We want to have a real launch of any product we put out," said Greiner in response to several analysts' questions, which included things like "Will it have an arm?"

"We are going to launch them from our Web space, and they are not floor-cleaning robots. They are different types of robots with mechanical features," she said.

Greiner said the company plans to release the two new products in time for the holiday season.

iDoWindows, anyone?