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iRobot Looj will clean your gutters

Plans for new gutter-cleaning robot from iRobot surface on FCC Web site.

The company that dispatches robots to clean your floors now wants to scour America's gutters.

Next up from iRobot is a gutter-cleaning machine, according to recently filed photos, diagrams and documents that were discovered by Engadget on an FCC Web site.

The new robot is called the Looj, according to a confidentiality request filed on August 28, which seems to have been granted on August 29.

All the photos and diagrams on the Federal Communications Commission site have been made confidential until October 13, but not before Engadget was able to snag one diagram and one photo of the Looj.

Burlington, Mass.-based iRobot was not immediately available for comment, but CEO Colin Angle did say in a recent interview that consumers could expect to see two new robots at the Digital Life, which will take place in New York at the end of September.

Guess we know now that one of them is the gutter-cleaning Looj.