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Iriver's unsinkable MP3 player

The Speedo Aquabeat is a waterproof device made for the swimwear maker.


Iriver has thrown its latest digital music player into the deep end, quite literally, and ensured that it floats.

The Speedo Aquabeat is a waterproof player that can hit depths of up to 3 meters and, if detached from the user, is easy to retrieve thanks to its floatable and lightweight 35-gram design. Naturally, this comes bundled with a pair of waterproof earphones that we reckon can do double duty as plugs to seal out water too.

Other than these pool-friendly features, the Speedo Aquabeat--an accessory made specifically for the swimwear brand--offers pretty basic MP3 features: fixed 1GB storage, USB charging, Playlist Editing Software, and a built-in battery capable of 9 hours' playback, according to Newlaunches. There's no LCD screen. But if it still floats your boat, you can get it in lime, black, or pink for $145 from online stores in selected markets.

(Source: Crave Asia)