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iRiver S10 on sale in the States

iRiver America has the S10 in stock.


Nice. My investigatory journalism skills have really been working out lately. Monday, I wrote a blog about the iRiver S10 going on sale in the U.K., which delved into iRiver's rather sneaky move of selling a limited number of S10s on the company's American site. A reader was actually astute enough to point out that the S10 could still be found for sale on the site, though I couldn't verify whether the player was in actually stock without signing up for an iRiver America account (I just can't imagine having to keep track of yet another online account). Instead, I waited psuedo-patiently for my iRiver contact to dig up some more info and--score--iRiver has confirmed that they have a new stock of S10s available for purchase in the States. You can find (and purchase) the players on the Top Sellers page (scroll halfway down). And, yes, my next request will be for a reviewable sample of this cute, clickable player. Stay tuned.