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iRiver P35: Feeding our habit wherever we go

The iRiver P35 is being shown off ahead of its arrival over here. 8GB and 16GB versions are available, which should keep our TV addictions topped off wherever we go

With Battlestar Galactica finishing this week, Crave is all set for a from-the-start BSG marathon. A portable media player such as the newly shown-off iRiver P35 is perfect for immersing ourself in whatever show we're currently obsessed with, so we can watch it in the gym, on the train and in meetings when we're supposed to be paying attention. The only problem is, such fixation can lead to weird things happening to the way we talk. Oh, and it's not available here just yet. Frak.

iRiver Spinn control

The new PMP is being shown off on the Korean company's Web site. It incorporates the wheel-based control system introduced on the Spinn. The site is darn slow to load, but your patience will be rewarded with nifty videos showing off the P35's user interface. This includes what seems to a be a customisable home screen with an iPhone-like grid of icons for each function.

Our last obsession was The Sopranos. We could have taken Tony and his crew out on to the mean streets with the 128 by 80 by 18mm P35, with its 110mm (4.3-inch) LCD screen and 480x272-pixel resolution. Plus there's an accelerometer for automatic portrait and landscape orientation. Fuhgeddaboudit!

iRiver P35 interface

The 8GB or 16GB versions should cram in plenty of episodes of The Wire, another recent preoccupation. The Wi-Fi model will include a full browser, alongside support for DMB television. So far, the P35 is only available in Korea, but we'll give you the heads-up on UK pricing and availability as soon as possible. F'real, yo.

iRiver P35