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iRiver officially announces the flash-based T series

iRiver officially announces the flash-based T series

We got a sneak peek at the iRiver T series a few weeks ago, and now it's official. The first flash-based players to be released by iRiver in quite some time, the T10 and T30 are full-featured, durable players with excellent rated battery life. They are the first flash players to hit the market with Janus compatibility, meaning they can be used to store subscription-based downloads from services such as Napster To Go and Yahoo Music Unlimited.

The T10 (512MB, $150; 1GB, $200) is the premium model with a color screen, 45 hours of battery life, FM, OGG support, and line-in and voice recording. The spartan T30 (512MB, $100; 1GB, $150) features line-in and voice recording, as well as 24 hours of battery life. The players will be available in August. Check back soon for our First Take.