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Iriver MPlayer reviewed

The Iriver Mplayer isn't necessarily the best option for young children, but it's a swell-sounding music player for Mickey Mouse fans of all other ages.


With a space as bustling as the MP3 player market, one is bound to come across a smattering of kitschy devices. On first blush, you might be tempted to cast off Iriver's Mickey Mouse-shaped Mplayer as one of these tawdry examples of gadgetry--we certainly were. But the Disney-themed music player is surprisingly endearing in person: unique, tiny, and cute as a button. It sounds good, too, yet there's no screen, the design is not terribly durable, and at $69.99 for 1GB of built-in flash memory, the Mplayer is priced a bit higher than competitors from Creative and SanDisk. Read the review for more, or click the pic for the slide show.