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MP3 Players

iRiver E150, E200 to go aluminium and lose speakers

We've just had some hot-off-the-press updates from iRiver concerning the successors to the E100 MP3 player, to be called the E150 or E200

We've just had some top-secret, hot-off-the-press exclusive news about iRiver. You know the E100 we just reviewed? It's going to be getting a serious overhaul for the next version, to be known as the E150 or the E200.

iRiver's getting rid of the plastic chassis, replacing it with an iPod nano-esque aluminium casing. Also, the E100's LCD screen -- which didn't impress us one bit -- is being refreshed, with the promise of being much brighter in the new model.

Sadly for all the teenagers on the 77 to Waterloo -- you know who you are -- the two mini speakers in the back of the E100 are getting scrapped. This is possibly the best news of all, since even 20 minutes on a bus hearing kids playing 50 Pence or Justin Timberlame is enough to make us want to rip off their heads and jam some headphones down their neck cavities. Or something a little less violent that gets them to shut up. Maybe asking them or something. We don't know.

The E150/E200 will be available from AdvancedMP3Players and other good stockists later in the summer -- expect more news when we have it. This revision is likely to put the new model a few points higher in our reviews section than the E100. Good news for all concerned. -Nate Lanxon