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Iriver Blank Sound Donut looks yummy, tastes a tad pricey

Iriver's new portable Bluetooth speaker is shaped like a breakfast treat -- or a life preserver.

The Iriver Blank Sound Donut is expected to have a list price of $129.99 and ship soon (click to enlarge). Iriver

O-shaped speakers are apparently in fashion these days. I recently reviewed Philips' SoundRing and now I notice Iriver is about to release its Sound Donut here in the U.S.

The speaker comes in a chocolate flavor, as well as a version that's a bit chocolate and mostly vanilla. As you might have already guessed, this is a Bluetooth speaker and it has a built-in microphone for making cell phone calls.

Iriver says the Sound Donut offers premium sound quality and vivid 3D sound. I hope it does because the preliminary list price is a tad expensive at $129.99. But we'll see what the street price is when it hits the U.S. market.

Click to enlarge. Iriver

Iriver is actually calling the product the Blank Sound Donut, from its Blank line of accessories, which means it may quite probably make our list of 20 worst-named tech products.

The Sound Donut streams audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices and has a built-in microphone for calls. Iriver