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Iriver announces Smart HD PMP

Iriver announces its Smart HD portable media player, capable of HD resolution video file playback, Wi-Fi, FM radio, music playback, and more.

Photo of the iRiver Smart HD portable media player.
The Iriver Smart HD takes on the iPod Touch with its wide range of video format support. iRiver

LAS VEGAS--Iriver fessed up to plans for its latest portable media player, the Smart HD. The touch-screen player is due out in Korea at the end of January, and includes a 3.5-inch screen, along with Wi-Fi, a calculator, a voice recorder, a Web browser, FM radio, music playback, and a slew of supported video formats (MKV, Mpeg4, XVID, WMV, and H.264).

The Smart HD will actively transcode most HD videos down to the screen's 480x320-pixel resolution. There's no word on whether the Smart HD will include TV output capabilities to make HD video resolutions worthwhile.

Details on pricing and U.S. availability are still unknown.

(Via ITToday)