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iRiver announces 2GB T10 flash MP3 player

iRiver announces 2GB T10 flash MP3 player

This morning iRiver launched the 2GB version of the T10, a higher-capacity version of one of the first Janus-compatible flash players to hit the market. The device is packed with the typical set of iRiver features, including an FM tuner/recorder, voice and line-in recorder, and a color screen (it's photo-compatible, but pics need to be fomratted to fit the tiny screen). It's also AudibleReady and compatible with MP3, subscription WMA, and OGG audio formats.

While we weren't entirely thrilled with the design of the earlier versions (it's durable but clunky), at least the black 2GB T10's price is competitive. For $149.99, you get a nice- sounding player with awesome 45-hour battery life (per AA battery). The 512MB and 1GB versions are priced at $99.99 and $119.99, respectively.

iRiver T10