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Iris camera controlled by the human eye

Taking a photo just by blinking is one step closer, with this working prototype of a camera controlled by your eye.

Mechanical engineer and product designer Mimi Zou has invented a camera that sees in the same way as the human eye. It's a biometric camera that recognises an individual's iris signature.

(Screenshot by CBSi)
(Credit: Dezeen)

Quite aptly called the Iris Camera, it's shaped like a lens and controlled by your eye. It detects when a known user puts the camera up to their eye and automatically loads their preferred settings, such as aperture and ISO. To take an image, just blink twice. Then the camera can tag the subject based on their iris signature — though you can opt out of this feature.

Connectivity is via Wi-Fi, which allows near-instantaneous sharing, as well as SD card storage.

From the video below, the camera looks like it's very much still in the concept stage. The product shots also indicate that the camera is able to achieve a 35mm equivalent focal length of 18-200mm, with an aperture range of f/3.5-5.6.

There was, however, a working prototype on show as part of Zou's graduate display at the Royal College of Art in London, which could be a promising start if any investor wants to throw some cash behind more research and development.