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iQue: Bragging rights for you, grilled meat for all

The Blue Ember iQue makes it easy to show off while hosting a backyard barbecue.

Shiny and ready to grill. Blue Ember

Sometimes it's OK to show off. Certainly everybody does from time to time. I may not be qualified to give reasoned speculation as to why we do this, but I certainly understand that it goes better with food. The Blue Ember iQue combines favorite grill features with an integrated computer for precision control and fun bragging points.

A touch-control onboard computer monitors time and temperature during the cooking process for easy grilling. Select your type of meat and desired level of doneness and the grill handles the rest. In tandem with the integrated temperature probe, the computer maintains the heat level and then automatically lowers it when food reaches the desired doneness. A sonar-based system keeps track of propane usage and displays the results in terms of remaining time.

The iQue can also operate without computer control. Other features are enough to satisfy any grill aficionado. An infrared rotisserie burner, a built-in smoker box, and a side burner all add to the versatility this grill can provide. It even comes with an ice bucket and a bottle opener.

If you're going to show off, you might as well make it tasty. Luckily, with the iQue and its 650 square inches of cooking surface, everybody gets to share in the appreciation of your shiny new grill. Appeasing the party with food definitely makes this one time when it's OK to brag.

(Via Appliancist)