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iQ Alarm Clock annoys you awake

Clock concept bugs you with puzzles as a wake-up call. The prospect of having an Alex Trebek experience every morning may sound unappealing, but it will get the job done.

iQ Alarm Clock
Yanko Design

It's like waking up beside a Geeks Who Drink champion. Designer Oliver Sha obviously has a hard time crawling out of bed in the morning. He solved the problem by creating the iQ Alarm Clock, a smarter-than-thou invention that won't shut up until you solve a series of quiz questions. Forget about a snooze button. This device demands mental awareness.

Questions may involve figuring out which object doesn't belong in a group of illustrations or what comes next in a numerical series. Thankfully, there's a hint button to keep you from throttling the alarm into submission.

Sleep lovers may try to reach for the battery compartment, but Sha has already thought of that workaround. The battery cover is tamper resistant to keep prying fingers at bay. The only way out is to get your questions right or hold down the power button for 30 seconds. The prospect of having an Alex Trebek experience every morning may not sound too appealing, but it will get the job done. You'll be up and at it and maybe feeling a little smug for having conquered your clock in a battle of the brains.

The iQ Alarm isn't the first morning annoyance device we've seen. You can take your pick from the runaway Clocky, which jumps off your nightstand and won't shut up until you chase it down; the high-decibel Sonic Bomb; or more gentle versions in the form of iOS apps.

When the iQ isn't harassing you out of your sweet dreams, it displays the time, date and weather for your area. You can rest easy for now knowing that Sha's infernal device is just in concept form and is not currently available for purchase.

(Via Yanko Design)