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iPoll results: iPod owners' raves, rants, pans

The Audiophiliac reports back to his readers about the results of last week's informal iPod/iPoll.

Steve Guttenberg

Not that I ever doubted your commitment, but you guys really love your iPods. Thanks to all who responded to last week's poll, here's what I learned.

First, Apple must be doing something right, more than three-quarters of the folks who responded own more than one iPod. Families seem to accumulate little armies of iPods--they pass from spouse to spouse to the kids--and from adult children back to their parents. So the average number was probably three 'Pods per family. Some people have actually lost count and don't know for sure how many they've owned. One guy proudly announced he has 26 iPods. And sure, I heard from more than few souls happy to remain iPod-less. Zune owners are the most vocal about their avoidance of all things Apple.

I was surprised just how few people mentioned video--only a handful cited ever watching movies or TV shows. So despite the technology advances, iPods are still mostly music players. Sure, my poll is a small survey. But if it turns out to be true that almost nobody watches video on their Pods, I'd be happy about that.

I gather most iPods don't last very long--two or three years is about it. Battery-related problems are the most common ailment, followed by screen and hard drive issues. I'm part of the small group still happily using their first and only iPod. A lot of you buy refurbished iPods to save some bucks.

KSC75, cheap but great-sounding headphones from Koss Koss

Amazingly enough, barely anyone mentioned headphones. I wonder if I should take that to mean that most of you guys are still using the earbuds that came with your iPods. Say it ain't so!

Quick, check out Koss' awesome KSC75 headphones that go for $14 on Amazon. It's amazingly good for the money. But if you're any sort of audiophile wait for my high-end Klipsch headphone review coming next week--it may be the best ever in-ear headphone I've used with my iPod. By the way, iPod speakers were a more popular upgrade than headphones.

Repairs are common, but most of you seem perfectly happy with Apple's service, though I wondered about the guy who burned through nine(!!!) iPods in a row--all suffered hard drive failures. Hmmm!?!

Small as they are, it's no wonder people's iPods get lost or stolen. Maybe Steve Jobs should come up with a GPS for his next-generation models. Many just get old and die. You all take these mishaps in stride and happily trade up to the latest and greatest Pods. And so it goes.