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iPoll: How many iPods have you owned?

The Audiophiliac wants to know how many iPods you have bought over the years.

Since Macworld 2008 didn't announce any new iPods, I thought this would be a good time to survey iPod owners.

Are you on your first, second, third, or fourth iPod? Apple has sold more than 100 million of the little buggers, so I'm a little curious about how many of you bought more than one over the years. How much money have you invested in iPods? Have you bought them as gifts, or received one as a gift? Are you still on your first iPod? I still have the one I bought in 2003, and I intend to use it till it breaks.

My first and only iPod, long may it run. Steve Guttenberg

Did you buy a new one because the old one crapped out, or did you lose it? Did you buy a new iPod because the new one did stuff the old one didn't? Or maybe the new one was smaller or better looking?

Do you regularly watch movies or TV shows on your iPod? Where do you listen to music--at home, car, plane, gym, or work?

How much money have you invested in accessories--docks, speakers, cables, and chargers?

And do you also have any other brands of music players? Do you ever rip CDs or LPs? Do you stick exclusively with iTunes? Or never buy iTunes? Hey, I'm just curious, please let me know.