iPods of tomorrow?

As Apple Computer's chief designer from 1989 to 1996, he oversaw the design of the PowerBook line, among other hit products. But while he may have left the company, Robert Brunner is still busy envisioning the future of Apple's designs.

Credit: Pentagram Design

An iPod wristwatch? Sure. An iPod that shoots video? Why not? These and other creations appear in Business 2.0's "Re-Imagining Apple," an article and photo essay offering possible Apple innovations drafted by Brunner and others at the award-winning international firm Pentagram Design.

Among the team's theoretical gadgets: A Podwatch, or wrist-worn music device that would keep time and play music, using Bluetooth to wirelessly beam tunes to earbuds or headphones; iHome, a Wi-Fi-based home network and media server that would manage everything from music and photos to TV recording and office tasks; and the vPod, a digital image/iPod combo that would feature a camera for still photos and video and would wirelessly synch with iPhoto, iMovie and iTunes.

Hey, Mr. Brunner, we just want to be able to shlep our favorite gear into space.
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