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iPods of love for your Valentine

MPs are notorious for getting kinky, but what about MP3s? There's only one real option for the fetishistic iPod fan: lingerie for your iPod. Make your Valentine's night extra special

After a few weeks up on Brokeback with only an iPod for company, it's no surprise that something like this would happen. Love is a force of nature -- we just couldn't quit little iPod here, so we've bought it a Valentine's gift.

These erotic costumes for your iPod can be ordered from iAttire. The company hand-makes a variety of Valentine's day outfits for all types of iPod -- there are some little boxer shorts, "generously cut for freedom of movement, with a wide elastic waist that won’t bind or chafe", and corsets made from "hand-stitched rich French satin".

If you feel close enough to your iPod to buy it such risque clothes, then there's plenty here to get the evening off to a frenzied start. Society may see your love as forbidden now, but just wait a decade or two and you'll be in vogue. -CS