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iPod Video misbehaving part 1

iPod Video misbehaving part 1

So, an esteemed CNET colleague and iRiver H320 owner just purchased a 60GB black iPod, and so far he loves it, but...

...within a week of ownership, he's already noticed a bug that most active iPodders will eventually notice: After watching a video podcast that he downloaded via iTunes, he backed out to the main menu and selected one of the Audible audiobooks that he's so fond of--then things started going awry. Apparently, and I've tested this myself, the soundtrack of the aforementioned video podcast will continue to play while the Audible book plays over it but in a garbled, static-filled robotic vociferation. A soft reset is one of his only options at this point. He has version 1.0 of the iPod software loaded, so I recommended updating to the recently available 1.1 and to report back to me. I haven't seen this bug documented, but I will appreciate hearing about similar stories and any possible fixes.