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iPod Touch dock is surprisingly normal

It bucks the trend of weird designs.


If there's one accessory that seems to have reached near-ubiquity in record time, it would be the iPod speaker dock. But most of them have been made for earlier generations of the media player, not the Touch or the iPhone. And even when they are, manufacturers for some reason seem compelled to design them in some odd fashion, whether they resemble Dumbo ears, truncated phone receivers, or a dressing room mirrors.

Against those options, the "Sound Frame" from QDOS appears refreshingly sane. With a clean design and straightforward functions, it rotates 90 degrees for both vertical audio and horizontal video positions, as Pocket-lint notes.

It's certainly not the most powerful, with just 1.5 watts per speaker, but it does have the advantage of easy portability and flexibility. There's also a universal connector so other iPods can be used with it as well. Of course, if you really want to worship your iPhone (as so many clearly do), you can always put it on a pedestal.