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iPod Touch 2.2 update stops short

Apple releases version 2.2 of its iPod Touch firmware, bringing many improvements, but not as many as iPhone's update.

Apple iPod Touch
The iPod Touch continues to improve, but why not update Google Maps? CNET Networks

The iPhone isn't the only Apple product that received a firmware bump last night. The first- and second-generation iPod Touch were treated to a version 2.2 firmware update, as well. The update is free for users currently running firmware 2.0 or higher, and is available directly through iTunes.

For the most part, the firmware update for the Touch mirrors all the improvements made in last night's iPhone update. Users can now refresh their podcasts directly over Wi-Fi (hooray!), keyboard auto-correction can be switched off, and minor fixes have been made to Mail, Safari, Office Viewer, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The head-scratcher is why the iPod Touch didn't receive any of the iPhone's latest Google Maps improvements, such as street view, public transit, walking directions, address display for dropped pins, and the ability to e-mail locations. There's a possibility that the omission of map improvements to the iPod Touch may be due to another one of Apple's "accounting" problems, especially considering that the upgrade is free.