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iPod Touch 2.1 software update is live

The new software is supposed to fix the many bugs that arrived along with the 2.0 software released in July.

The 2.1 software update for the iPod Touch is already available, a few days ahead of schedule. James Martin/CNET News

iPod Touch owners are getting an early look at the OS X 2.1 software update promised by Apple CEO Steve Jobs during Tuesday's music event.

Several blogs noted that the software update went live yesterday, but that appears to have been a premature release that was finalized this morning. The new software is supposed to fix a slew of bugs in the 2.0 software, such as frequent application crashes and backups that keep going, and going, and going.

iPhone owners will get their relief on Friday, with the additional fixes specific to that product such as a patch for the dropped-call issues. The software is free for iPhone users, but iPod Touch users who have yet to install the 2.0 software will have to pay $9.99 for the 2.1 release as a result of Apple's accounting policies for that device. If you already paid the ten bucks to get the 2.0 software on your iPod Touch, the 2.1 release is free.

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