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iPod Stargate: JBL On Time speaker dock

iPod Stargate: JBL On Time speaker dock

Possibly the coolest thing I've seen at both CES and Macworld that actually debuted at the shows is the JBL On Time speaker dock for the iPod. (Yes, the Creative Zen Vision:M rocks, but it was released pre-CES.) This futuristic-looking speaker-alarm clock is tight. It's like JBL took the On Stage and streched the speakers up and over the iPod dock. JBL dubs it the "time-machine dock for the iPod," but what it brings to mind for me is the Stargate in the movie, uh, Stargate. At the base of the dock is an illuminated, digital alarm clock flanked by volume, power, and alarm function keys on the left, as well as track forward/reverse, Back, and Home buttons on the right. In the arc above the iPod is a dome light, which automatically dims or brightens, based on the lighting in the room. The On Time is powered by AC/DC, but in the event of a power outage, a backup battery retains its time and alarm functions, as well as any user-programmed settings. The alarm can be set to wake you up to any song on the iPod. The On Time retails for $299.95 and goes on sale in March 2006. Black, white, and silver color schemes were all on display at the show.