iPod site sponsors cute baby-off

Yo baby, you think you're the "Apple" of your parents' eyes now? Just think of how spoiled rotten you'd be if you helped them win a whole "family" of iPods through "World's Cutest Baby" contest.

Credit: iPodMyBaby.com

All you need your parents to do is submit a photo of you in a "Click Wheel" outfit, either one purchased through the iPodMyBaby site, or made using click wheel art downloaded from the site. A panel of "celebrity judges" will then pick a winner to be announced around Dec. 16.

The winning baby will get an iPod Shuffle, Nano and video iPod, recognition on the Web site, and two-year subscriptions to both Cookie and Wondertime magazines.

I know, you're a little young to be objectified as a model for a digital music player, even if does have its own cult following. But wouldn't your nana or your nanny appreciate a Nano.

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