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iPod Shuffle's "flashing orange and green lights of death"

iPod Shuffle's "flashing orange and green lights of death"

Millions of iPod Shuffles have been sold since the product's debut in early 2005. (One in three iPods sold is a Shuffle, according to Piper Jafray analyst Gene Munster.) It's not a surprise, therefore, to hear about "some users" experiencing "some problems" with the device. Something's bound to go wrong with a few Shuffles. What is surprising is the number of Shuffle owners complaining of hardware failure and the symptom preceding the failure--now known as "flashing orange and green lights of death."

This interesting article from PCWorld focuses on owners who have had their Shuffles die for no apparent reason. Compounding the problem is the fact that the Shuffle has no LCD, so users have only flashing green or orange LEDs to reference when troubleshooting. We regularly use a couple of iPod Shuffles here in the office and have experienced no problems, but this support page on shows an overwhelming interest on the topic of "Green and Orange flashing lights.. How many others effected?[sic]"

Have you had similar problems with your Shuffle? Please share.