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iPod shortage for the holidays?

Business Week's Peter Burrows is predicting two emerging truth's about the iPod this holiday season. One, "it's going to be a gigantic hit," and two, "there are going to be shortages." In a Nov. 22 analysis, he writes that retailers are getting fewer iPods than they requested, and expect "demand to outstrip supply through the end of the year."

Some iPod watchers, however, aren't so convinced: "There's no shortage...just something new for people to say about the iPod, especially considering the current hot story is the supposed shortage of Xbox consoles," wrote an iLounge reader. "I guess the Apple vs. Microsoft battle will never end."

And , "Slider," an iPodnn reader, remembers similar predictions last year. "Seem to remember reading something last year about who Apple would most likely not repeat the stellar iPod sales in enjoyed for xmas 2004. Those wacky analysts," he wrote.