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iPod Nano scratch case, or, when lawyers attack!

iPod Nano scratch case, or, when lawyers attack!

So, a lot of folks thought it was pretty silly that Jason Tomczak would head up a class-action lawsuit against Apple over scratches on iPod Nanos. Of course, now it turns out, he never intended to. After enduring harassment and hate mail from the always-faithful fanatical wing of the Mac party, Jason's sent an open letter to the Mac community (Slashdot link, since his site's been overwhelmed), saying the law firms who filed the suit used his name without his consent, and in fact, in the face of his express request for privacy. He also details tactics the law firms have allegedly used to to keep him from pulling out of the class-action suit and to intimidate him as he tries to clear his good name. I should caveat, of course, that we now have only Jason's side of the story...but isn't it always easy to believe the Evil Lawyers Tale? Yeah. It really is.