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iPod nano in the pink for Valentine's Day

You might still be eating selection-pack chocolate from Christmas, but the next big gift-buying extravaganza is just around the corner, and that means gadgets in a lovely shade of fuchsia

Now that CES and Macworld are over, gadget makers are turning their attention to -- what else? -- Valentine's Day marketing. And that means pink is back. As if it had ever left.

Apple's suggested offering for your sweetheart is its brand-new pink 8GB nano -- "perfect for people who are searching for a special Valentine's Day gift".

It follows the pink shuffle that was released in September as part of an industry-wide campaign against breast cancer. Unlike the special-edition shuffle, however, the pink nano appears to be a permanent addition.

It's available now from the Apple store for £129. Unromantic cheapskates may consider the boring grey 4GB nano for £99 -- which has the added bonus of being unembarassing when you steal it borrow it. -Mike Yamamoto