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iPod lights to irritate us all from afar

Why do companies keep making this stuff?

What is it that makes accessory manufacturers think that media players need flashing lights? Griffin recently came out with its "Disko" case in all its blinking glory, much to the dismay of some true Apple loyalists. But at least that product had some practical protective use.

The "Lumi Flasher" by Japan's Trinity, on the other hand, is simply lights for the sake of lights, with one white and four red LEDs that plug into the iPod's dock connector. It does include a "flashlight mode," according to Newlaunches, but we're not sure why. If they really can be seen nearly a third of a mile away as Trinity claims, that should be plenty of light from this beacon of irritation. Luckily for those of us in the West, the $21 Flasher is available only in Japan (for now).