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iPod helps police nab alleged car thief

Apparently, this suspect should have just used his music player to store tunes.

Organized car theft and iPods don't mix, if the case of Oludayo Adeagbo is anything to go by.

Adeagbo was allegedly the head of a car crime gang known as the "iPod Crew," which had been using identity theft tactics to get finance agreements that allowed them to drive off with posh cars--Jaguars, BMWs and the like.

Police estimate that other members of the gang, who have yet to be caught, made off with 70 cars worth more than $1.8 million (1 million pounds) during their 10-month spree.

The gang attracted the attention of a local police officer by parking all the cars outside of a housing project. When the police raided one of the men's houses there, they discovered a range of documents stored on an iPod, including forged letters claiming the cars were paid for.

Adeagbo has since found God, saying he is "happy" and is "trading crime for Christianity." He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison at Southwark Crown Court.

Jo Best of reported from London.