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iPod cases unleash your inner DJ

Not everyone can afford B&W Panoramas for Christmas, so if you have a music fan in your life then try out one of these funky turntable iPod cases.

Wikkiti wikkiti waaaahhh!!!!!!

Move aside DJ Hero, you're through here. There's nothing we like better than scratching out some mad beats on our duck-egg blue iPod covers. It's pretty suhweet.

If you're after something for the music fan in your life this Christmas, then you can't go past these quaint little iPod cases (and wallets) from QuietDoing. Prices start at US$21, while iPod Classic cases are US$35 each with shipping to Australia included. Visit the store here.

Yeeeaaaahhhhhh boiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

QuietDoing iPod case
Selectahhhhhhhh! (Credit:QuietDoing)