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iPod alternatives for iTunes Plus AAC

Think the iPod is the only MP3 player that can handle the iTunes Plus music format? Think again. Donald Bell shows off six iPod alternatives that work with iTunes DRM-free AAC files.

Photo of Sony S-Series Walkman MP3 player.
The Sony S-series Walkman wants to be your AAC-friendly iPod rebound. Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

Apple's iTunes store is offering more and more of its music catalog in the DRM-free iTunes Plus music format (256Kbps AAC). There's no question that DRM-free music purchases are better for consumers than the aggravations of FairPlay and computer authorizations. Still, it also doesn't hurt Apple that its unique allegiance to the AAC music format leaves people with few non-iPod choices when it comes to compatible MP3 players for their iTunes Plus music collections.

You do have options, though. In fact, most of Apple's iPod competition has at least one AAC-compatible model for sale (I think someone forgot to give SanDisk the memo). To see our favorites, check out our list of AAC-compatible iPod alternatives.