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iPod 3G could launch in September

Rumours are circulating that Apple will unveil an iPod touch with 3G capability in September. That would mean you could effectively buy a cheap iPhone, making calls using VoIP.

Whispers are whistling through the Interwebs of a possible 3G iPod touch, which could launch in September.

The rumours started on Dutch tech blog AppleSpot, whose sources reckon the upcoming version of Apple's iPod could feature 3G connectivity, to keep you connected to the Web even when you're away from a Wi-Fi connection.

It sounds bizarre at first, but a 3G iPod could make sense -- imagine an iPhone but without the ability to make calls (stop your sniggering) and slightly reduced specs. It could prove the perfect alternative for anyone who fancies some iOS fun but can't afford to shell out for the flagship iPhone.

The timing would also make sense. Last September, Apple's music event played host to three new iPods, the fourth-generation iPod touch, the oddly square iPod nano and the miniature iPod shuffle.

That said, we're expecting the iPhone 5 to land in September, and we're hearing more and more about the arrival of a new version of the iPad in the next few months. It's not unheard of for Apple to unleash numerous gadgets at once, but that does seem like a lot of gadgetry to unload in one press conference.

The existing iPod touch is a stellar little device, and the addition of 3G would hardly hurt. We don't know how many people would be keen on paying a monthly fee for the SIM card a 3G iPod would use, though. That said, you could buy a cheap SIM card and use VoIP apps like Skype to make calls, bypassing that nasty contract business altogether.

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