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iPhoto 4.0.1 (#2): Smart album photos

iPhoto 4.0.1 (#2): Smart album photos

Smart album photos Ian Lloyd reports that many (but not all) of his smart photo albums are not working after updating to iPhoto 4.0.1:

"I might select all photos that contain 1 person's name, but the smart album instead pulls in ALL photos in the library. As if the SQL query was 'SELECT * FROM LIBRARY'

Another description of the problem from Apple's Discussion Boards:

"Create a Smart Album with two conditions of 'keyword is .....' and the "match any condition" option. All photos in the database will then be selected not respective of what keywords they contain.

"Removing one of the conditions does not affect the contents of the album. Using mixed types of clauses, e.g. one with 'date' and one with 'keyword,' works as expected. "

Solution Some readers have reported that including one criteria that is always false (i.e. date is before 01/01/1900) then the album will work.


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