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The iPhone to sport a YouTube player.

Apple sent all the kids a-twitter (not to be confused with the popular social networking site of the same name) by revealing that the iPhone is going to have a special H.264 YouTube player built-in.

The horny (as in antlers, please get your mind out of the gutter) one thinks this is awesome and that the iPhone will quickly become the mobile platform for watching William Shatner sing "Rocket Man".

But you say to the Macalope, "Oh, one of brown fur and deadly appendages, how can I score myself a piece of pocketable technology perfectly suited for watching chickens break up a rabbit fight?"

Good question (an nicely worded, by the way). His new neighbors at CNET have put together some suggestions if you're looking for a way to part with $500 of your hard-earned money and Scott Bourne at the Apple Phone Show points to a Google Earth add-on that will help you pick AT&T outlets from the chaff of Cingular outlets (no iPhones at Cingular outlets, dontcha know).

You'll be walking down the street watching Chad Vader in no time.

On second thought, if you thought iPod theft was a problem, the Macalope's quite certain that people will be willing to go to even greater lengths to get your iPhone. The first thing after you get it, he recommends putting your iPhone in a mason jar under the porch for safekeeping.

And tell no one you have one. Shhh.