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iPhone XS, XS Max show off 'battery origami' in iFixit teardown

The teardown also reveals some likely repair challenges for Apple's new iPhone models.


The iPhone XS and XS Max, post dissection.


People around the world are lining up Friday to get their hands on Apple's new iPhone XS and XS Max, but some couldn't wait to pull it apart (carefully) and figure out what's going on inside.

Tech repair site iFixit posted an extensive joint iPhone XS and XS Max teardown early Friday and found the phones mostly similar to last year's iPhone X.


The XS Max has a two-cell battery (left), while the XS has a new single-cell one.


However, iFixit highlighted one major difference in Apple's "battery origami." The iPhone XS, the smaller of the two new models, includes a 10.13 Wh battery (2,659 mAh), which iFixit noted is slightly downgraded from the 10.35 Wh one found in the 2017 iPhone X.

"But this decrease in capacity comes with a wild new battery configuration," said iFixIt. "Rather than using two cells to fill this L-shaped recess, Apple has constructed an all-new single-cell battery."

The single cell uses the space more efficiently than the two-cell option, but isn't as powerful, iFixit wrote. The extra corners and edges will also make it more susceptible to stress, which could impact performance over time, according to iFixit.

The XS Max battery uses two cells and has a larger 12.08 Wh capacity. The site notes that both are in the ballpark of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus batteries.


The back glass construction means even a small crack will require major repairs.


The use of glass on front and back of the new models "doubles the likelihood of drop damage," and even the smallest crack on the back glass will result in you having to replace the whole chassis, iFixit warned.

Expect to see iFixit's teardown of the iPhone XR in the coming weeks -- on or before its Oct. 26 release.

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