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iPhone X has a new default ringtone to annoy you forever

Commentary: The smartphone of the future has a new ringtone for a very neurotic future.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Oh, the noises they'll make.


I don't know about you, but I'm all marimba'd out.

The iPhone's default ringtone has been a part of "culture" for a long time. 

Irritating culture, that is.

It seems, though, that iPhone X is going to sound a new era.

Many on Reddit and elsewhere have become inordinately excited by the prospect of iPhone X enjoying a new ringtone.

It seems that the Marimba ringtone was around forever.

You've surely heard it a million times.

Yes, that one.

But in-the-know iOS developer Guilherme Rambo offered on Twitter that the new default ringtone for the iPhone X is called "Reflection."

It's anything but reflective.

It's a slightly neurotic mélange of xylophone sounds put together to make you feel that, every time the phone rings, the end of the world is about to be announced.

Please, listen.

Now, how do you feel?

Are you shivering a little? Are you finding it hard to concentrate? A little buzzing in your brain?

I'm sure that, after a while, the world will become used to these sounds. Well, we've become used to endless tweets suggesting the end of the world is nigh. So we're already attuned to impending doom.

It's one of those peculiar truths that many people seem not to bother changing the default ringtones, whether it be iOS or Android.

At its most joyous, this leads to several people in hotel lobbies simultaneously reaching for their phones when they hear the sound.

At its worst, it goes off in a movie theater and you wish that the days of public flogging would return.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for enlightenment about this new contribution to world harmony.

However, Forbes reviewer David Phelan said that he didn't realize that these noises represented the pleadings of his new phone, so he missed calls.

Many will, of course, grab their new phones on Friday and immediately insert their own theme tunes.

Oh, how I love it when a phone emits the theme from "Rocky."

It's worth, though, learning these new notes off by heart. Whenever you hear them, you'll know they're coming from someone who just spent at least $1,000 on a phone.

Which will allow you to casually walk over to them, giggle, and walk away.

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