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iPhone video of the day

The onslaught of iPhone 3GS YouTube videos has begun, and a reader named Andres thinks two videos he shot could be used for Apple's iPhone advertising. What do you think?

Right after the new iPhone 3GS launched, I wrote an article about how the impending onslaught of iPhone videos would just lead to more losses for YouTube. Well, the onslaught has begun, and so have the reader e-mails asking me to promote their YouTube videos.

Andres writes:

"Hi, I think that these 2 videos that I recorded with my iPhone are really good and could be used for Apple's iPhone advertising. Please let me know if you like them."

Well, Andres, I kinda do like them. They're a little slow but have a Zen quality to them. But let's put them out to a wider audience and see what a few thousand people think (feel free to comment). And hey, while we're at it, if anybody else wants to submit an iPhone video to me to appear on Crave, you can. But it has to be shot with the iPhone, and it's gotta be good.


See Andres' second video, "Filming lizard eating fly with iPhone 3GS" after the jump.