iPhone users: Think young and rich, not different

Rubicon Consulting's survey of 460 iPhone users in the U.S. surfaces the obvious: iPhone users are young (half under 30), tech savvy, and more well-heeled than the average American.

Rubicon Consulting's survey of 460 iPhone users in the U.S. surfaced the obvious. iPhone users are are young (half under 30), tech savvy and, besides telephony, primarily use the device for e-mail, texting, and Web browsing.

In addition, about one-third of the survey's respondents said they carry a second phone, presumably for some business purpose or a second phone number. Ten percent of those surveyed have a RIM BlackBerry alongside their iPhone. iPhone users also are about 40 percent above the U.S. median in household income.

Rubicon Consulting

The iPhone, starting at $399, naturally appeals to an elite, hip, younger crowd with disposable income. In fact, iPhone goes together with BMW, an object of desire for those who can afford it.


Apple's brilliant "Think Different" ad campaign, which ran from around 1997 to 2002 around the Macintosh, was about changing the world, highlighting well-known artists, entrepreneurs, and scientists. The ads for the iPhone are just a model's hands and the object of desire, which is worthy of desire.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has established himself as the personification of "Think Different." He and his team are changing the world of mobile computing, but they haven't reached beyond the elite. This is typical for new consumer electronics products and Apple.

So far, the secretive Jobs hasn't shown how or whether Apple intends to change the world with the iPhone and follow-on products. The One Laptop Per Child initiative should provide some inspiration.

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