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iPhone users like Woody Allen, Android users like Harry Potter, says survey

A tongue-in-cheek infographic says if you have an iPhone you like Belle and Sebastian and sushi, and if you have an Android phone you like X-Men and mini-pizzas.

If you have an iPhone you like Belle and Sebastian, foreign travel and sushi, and if you have an Android phone you like Harry Potter and staying at home. That's according to a tongue-in-cheek infographic examining the differences between users of the two main smart phone operating systems.

Recommendation site Hunch culled the data from 2,000 users. Sounds scientific enough to us! 32 per cent use Apple devices and 21 per cent favour Android. Just 8 per cent have a Windows Phone, which is half as many as don't have a mobile phone or don't know what their phone is.

Android fans prefer an ugly device that's packed with features -- which explains the HTC Incredible S and Sony Ericsson's entire output -- while Apple fans prefer a sleek device with limited features. Which explains the iPad.

According to the results, Android users are more likely to be men and iOS users more likely to be women. Android users live in the suburbs or the country, and iOSers are more likely to be city-dwellers. iOS users are also better educated and better paid.

They like spending that money -- probably on travel -- while Android users prefer to save and have never travelled. iOS users are extroverts who prefer to lead, but Android fans are introverts who are significantly more likely to follow. Android fans see the glass half empty, while Apple fans see iOS half full.

Meanwhile, Windows Phone users are women from the suburbs with no strong political leanings, while BlackBerry users are liberal, well-travelled men and women from the city. Who like to loot things, if you believe David Cameron.

Android-heads like The Walking Dead, X-Men and Harry Potter, Radiohead and ice cream and mini-pizzas. Apple-toting hipsters prefer HBO, Woody Allen, Belle and Sebastian, sorbet, sushi and whole grain cereal.

Click here for the full picture. Are you a thrifty, introverted, rural-dwelling popcorn-munching Android pessimist, or a liberal, outgoing, urban-outfitted yoghurt-eating Apple optimist? Pick a side in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.