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iPhone to land in Vermont

AT&T's Unicel acquisition finally brings Apple's iPhone to Vermont.

The iPhone: Coming soon to Vermont. Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

Vermont may have gorgeous scenery, maple syrup, and civil unions, but up until now it hasn't had the iPhone. Since the Green Mountain State is one of the few states to lack native AT&T service, Vermonters have been left out of the iPhone classic and iPhone 3G scramble. Sure, they could buy them somewhere else and use the phones in Vermont, but it wasn't quite the same.

But as the Burlington Free Press reported recently, AT&T's acquisition of Unicel will bring Apple's phone to the state. Unicel's 10 stores in Vermont will be stitched over to AT&T by February and the full slate of AT&T phones will be available in them. The extent of HSDPA coverage will be patchy, no doubt, but Apple fans can get their phones, finally.