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iPhone to become a home systems OpenRemote

Project of Marc Fleury and Mark Spencer has a working prototype for a native application to enable people to control their home automation from wherever.

Marc Fleury (of JBoss fame) and Mark Spencer (of Digium fame) have a significant side project: turning us all into couch potatoes, but doing it with open source.


Their project, OpenRemote, is the world's first open-source remote for home automation. Given the plethora of systems (entertainment, lighting, etc.) that need to feed into a home automation system, opening up a central repository of controls to enable developers to plug in new ones feels like the right way to go.

Part of the OpenRemote team's vision is tying into the world we already live in, not merely making our future more Jetsons-esque. It's therefore great to hear about OpenRemote's work on an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, despite the lack of launch-timing specifics:

(We have) put together a first end-to-end prototype of the OpenRemote system. The first milestone is targeting infrared with X10 and KNX following soon...In short, the first prototype we have running comes with an iPhone native application communicating with OpenRemote Box (ALIX hardware) over a Wi-Fi connection. The incoming commands are then translated to other media, in this case infared, and sent out to the corresponding device.

This is a great milestone for us--it's a proof of concept that actually works (imagine that!), and it establishes the infrastucture we will build on for other automation system integration.

It's awesome to hear about a working application prototype from OpenRemote for Apple's App Store, especially since the OpenRemote Web site has been quiet for months as the team has been updating it. Now I just need OpenRemote to write posts for this blog during my vacation, and I'll sign up to be its first customer.

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