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iPhone succumbs to puppy madness

Dog enthusiast site releases an iPhone application for puppy lovers.

You love your puppies, but maybe hanging out with them at home just isn't enough for you and you want to peek at others' puppies, too. Now you can indulge this puppy love whenever you want, wherever you want, with the potential of seeing an unlimited number of puppies, as long as you have an iPhone.

Here's looking at you, kid! TheDailyPuppy, a Web site that dog enthusiasts have no doubt been using as their home page, announced Wednesday the availability of its application for the iPhone. Now you can get puppies delivered to you via just a few touches of the finger--and you can shake the phone to get even more puppy pictures.

The Daily Puppy app features a new puppy every day, fully stocked with biographies and additional images. Users then can add the puppy to their favorites library and share them with friends, family, and fellow puppyphiles via e-mail and Facebook.

More serious dog lovers can resort to a tool that allows for browsing past featured puppies and accessing a complete library of breeds ranging from Basset Hounds to Labradors to Terriers.

And in what I believe will be the most frequently used feature of the app: you can also post pictures of your own puppies. The app doesn't even limit how many pictures you can post, so basically this can be your perpetual weekend project.

Personally, I think this app is great for dog lovers and was a little shocked by the fact that it costs 99 cents. However, I found out later that 10 percent of the app's proceedings will be donated to nonprofit animal rescue organizations.

Now that somewhat makes sense and it's really too bad that you can't buy multiple copies of the app for one iPhone, as for each copy, those organizations will get less than 10 cents.