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iPhone SE iFixit teardown reveals familiar camera sensor

Apple's budget-friendly phone makes good use of older parts.

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Iphone SE camera

We've seen this little guy before in the iPhone 8.


Apple's new iPhone SE packs a lot of punch for $399. Its powerful A13 chip outperforms all current Android phones, and its impressive camera performance shows how a powerful processor can improve an older sensor. 

Expert repair site iFixit published its iPhone SE teardown on Monday, revealing that the iPhone 8 camera sensor has apparently been repurposed for Apple's newest phone. "Our tests show the iPhone 8 camera works just fine in the SE, and vice versa," iFixit said. Thus, it appears that the iPhone SE's photography chops can be attributed to the A13 chip.

iPhone Cameras

Camera sensors from left to right: new iPhone SE, iPhone 8 and iPhone XR.


iFixit gave the iPhone SE a repairability score of 6 out of 10, with 10 being the easiest to repair. The parts in the new phone are easy to access, some can be replaced with iPhone 8 parts, such as the camera sensor. However, it still takes a lot of effort to open the iPhone SE, iFixit said, and its back glass is fragile making it impractical to replace. 

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