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iPhone running on empty? Recharge with an old book

There are a number of charging docks available for iOS devices, but the Book Charging dock is one of the more brilliant ones we've seen in a while.

Rich Neeley Designs

As more and more people turn to e-books and tablets for their reading needs, there are stacks of books gathering dust on shelves, or even worse, being tossed into the trash (for shame!). Thankfully, one California couple is out to rescue these neglected and unappreciated treasures.

So, this is how it's done. (Click to enlarge.) Rich Neeley Designs

Richard and Brenna Neeley from Cerritos, Calif., take old and vintage books, as well as some new ones, and convert them into charging docks for iOS devices. Each dock is handmade to order and features a power cord (wall adapter not included) threaded through the book, with a slot on the front cover to dock your iPhone or iPod.

The Book Charging docks are available through the couple's Etsy store, with prices ranging from $45 to $55. There's also an iPad dock for $72 and a iPhone/iPad combo model for $85.

I still love paper books, and I would rather see old ones being donated to libraries or schools. Still, I can't deny that the docks are quite beautiful.

Brenna Neeley, who majored in comparative literature, notes on the couple's Etsy profile, "Our goal is to bring more books into your life, even if it's just so that you see it daily and are reminded of how wonderful a book can be. Maybe you'll be inspired to read that book you've been meaning to."

(Via Ubergizmo)