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iPhone ringtone utilities updated: shuffling, international support

iPhone ringtone utilities updated: shuffling, international support

Though Apple's GarageBand now lets you easily create custom ringtones from audio tracks in various formats (see a video demonstration), third-party ringtone creation utility developers aren't twiddling their thumbs. GarageBand's Mac OS X exclusivity and $80 (as part of iLife) price tag mean continued viability for the two most popular drag-and-drop tools, which recently received updates:

  • iToner 1.0.5: works through drag and drop of MP3 or AAC audio files onto the iToner window. The new release features French, German, and Italian localizations as well as other bug fixes and enhancements. Price: $15. For Mac OS X.
  • iPhoneRingToneMaker 2.0: Works in a similar fashion: select MP3s, click the "Send to iPhone" button. The new release features ringtone shuffling: random playing of any of iPhone-stored ringtones; and volume boosting, which "applies digital amplification to any desired level." Price: $15. For Windows.