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iPhone Redux: Streaming iPhone Music, the iPhone hack and no more bills

A few developments this week of note.

So this week a lot happened in iPhone-land--unlockedby a Jersey boy that allows anyone to use the iPhone, on T-Mobile...right! But for would-be iPhone owners in GSM-enabled countries, this could mark a watershed. Apparently, I'm told that the menus for selecting which network you want to connect to (provided they're GSM) are already embedded in the software/OS. How interesting.

As for streaming music, Seeqpod How long this site will be around I remain unsure, but it's still pretty cool over a Wi-Fi network, but with the EDGE? This has to be tested, so stay tuned.

And finally, AT&T, via text, informed me and thousands of other AT&T customers that invoices will no longer be itemized--and done so in a green/eco-way. Good job.